Retinal vascular disorders

There are different types of vascular occlusion at the back of the eye. On the one hand, an artery can be blocked. This is manifested by a painless, severe and sudden deterioration of vision. On the other hand, a vein can become blocked. Here the loss of vision is also severe but often less pronounced. 

For both diseases we usually recommend a short in-patient stay (3 days) at our clinic in order to stimulate the blood circulation in the eye and minimise the damage by means of suitable measures. The prognosis for venous occlusion is usually quite good, but for arterial occlusion it is usually very limited. Venous occlusions often cause retinal swelling (macular edema), which can be treated by regular injections of special drugs (Eylea or Lucentis) into the vitreous body and often leads to an improvement in visual acuity. Sometimes laser therapy is also indicated if the fluorescein angiography of the retina shows characteristic changes.