Location of the eye polyclinic remains

Location of the ophthalmic polyclinic remains
Despite the opening of the new Anna-Seiler-Haus, the University Clinic for Ophthalmology will remain at its current location in Polyclinic Wing 1 (PKT1 for short).
How do you find the eye clinic?
At the Bettenhochhaus (former main entrance of the Inselspital), follow the dots marked in yellow on the ground. These will lead you first straight ahead, then to the right until you reach the elevator. You will reach floor B via the staircase or elevator. There you are welcome to register for the ophthalmological consultation with our administration team.  
You are registered for an ophthalmological examination at the Insel Gruppe for the first time. What to do?
Please complete your patient intake directly via the internet www.insel.ch/de/check-in/. This will allow us to complete the registration formalities in advance and you can report directly to our clinic on the date we have scheduled (see above). Alternatively, you can report to the main information desk in the new Anna-Seiler-Haus 20 minutes before your appointment in order to complete your registration formalities directly at the patient admission desk. Then follow the instructions described above to get to the eye clinic.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at Email or by telephone on 031 632 25 01.
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