Bern Photographic Reading Center

Established partner of choice for key past and current studies of the global market leader in retina and neurology therapy (Novartis/Genentech; Bayer/Regeneron, Alcon, Roche) and of many smaller biotech companies
Expertise and support for Phase 1 to Phase 4 studies and global academic studies
Support and consulting to define the best image parameter and readouts for your studyFounder and Directors are leading retina specialists with global expertise and network and hundreds of publications in the field of retina therapy and imaging
Professional staff of about 16 experts including dedicated IT and project managers
Grader are mostly trained MDs/ Ophthalmologists with special training in retina
Highest Quality Standard with image double-grading to improve quality and validity of the data
Competitive pricing
BPRC Contact +41 31 632 85 75