Endogene Regenerationskapazität von Müllerzellen in der Säugernetzhaut

Project desciption:

Differentiation potential of adult mammalian retinal glia cells in vitro:
The purpose is to study whether adult retinal Müller glia (MC; mouse, human) retains dormant properties of early neural progenitor cells. Thereby, we will focus on how MC can be differentiated into multiple cell lineages under artificial environment.

2.               Differentiation of adult mammalian retinal glia cells in an animal model of retinal degeneration:
Under this specific aim we will analyze the origin, identity and fate of MC as progenitor cells under degeneration conditions (NaIO3 model). Results will help to understand a potential role of MC in the rescue of degenerated retinal tissue.

3.             Comparison of MC differentiation potential in zebrafish and mouse:
The regenerative potential of zebrafish MC is well known. Therefore, this species will serve as a model organism to compare results found using mammalian cells in regard to involved pathways, lineage-specific differentiation, efficiency etc.